It does not repeat, but it rhymes

It is said that Mark Twain is the author, and there is no field where it can be better applied than finance and the investment markets.

Some very smart people have found the next philosopher´s stone to convert their client´s money into very interesting profits for themselves: to launch an investment fund which will buy Bourbon from Kentucky aiming at an IRR of 20% in six years.

It is not only that they have partnered with a leading producer of Bourbon, it has the additional feature that they will apply blockchain and launch a crypto token backed by it!

If by this time you have not spotted the problems I have very little more to say that may convince you to run like hell from this “opportunity”. Be my guest, but I have a record of spotting bluffs, scams and cons years in advance. And this one smells like the worsts.

We have had similar projects in Spain, which were always a fluke, such as Maderas Nobles or the promisory notes issued by RUMASA “backed” by the reserves of Brandy, the last one to show its weaknesses, like Housers. I would never advise anybody to put any money in these new projects, they only guarantee that the fund will get their commisions and the distiller sell their production, but there is nothing in this project that looks like it will guarantee getting the money back, not to say anything about receiving some return.

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