About The Banksters

Walking into a Spanish bank is more dangerous than cross a minefield. At least, in the minefield you may make it to the other side without suffering any harm. Never try to do the same in a branch, specially in the coast where they prey on innocent expats who do not know how the Spanish banking system leeches on their clients.

There was a deliberate plan to scam the Spanish population, perfectly devised and segmented. If you were a young couple purchasing your first home, a minimum interest rate in your mortgage. If you were a pensioner looking for some interest on your savings, the preferred stock. If you were a company, a SWAP. And they were so useless, that even then they were unable to make a profit

A dear teacher who shall remain nameless

If you need any more arguments

If the ignorance of your clients was a profit center, how much would it contribute to your bottom line?

70%, but do not tell anybody, please.

A high rank officer of a well known bank asked by a teacher

Please don´t make it easy for banks to rip you off. Get the right information before signing anything.

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